If your job is new
construction or a remodeling
project; we can help create
any look you desire in your
home using the finest woods
– casual, elegant, modern or
historic. The wood species
choices are endless: from time
honored oak, to contemporary
maple; from rustic pine, to
the warmth of birch. We
offer a wide variety of borders
and inlays; from simplistic to intricate, our borders and
inlays will make your wood floor truly one of a kind.

When your hardwood floor needs a face lift, you can count on our hardwood floor specialists to do the job right. Halal Hardwoods utilizes modern sanding equipment with highly efficient dust extraction.
We will plastic off affected areasto minimize travel of airborne dust. So, your floors don’t need an entire face lift? We can buff and re-coat your floor by lightly sanding the existing finish and applying one coat of our qualityGlitsa® finishes.

Halal Hardwoods can stain
oak floors to almost any color.
Staining will add some cost and
about a day to an average job.
Staining fir, pine or maple is
difficult and will add significant
cost and approximately two
days to a job. We will show you
stain samples part way through
the sanding process in order to
ensure that you are pleased with
the stain that you have chosen
for your floor.

Fir floors have characteristics that are quite different
from hardwood floors (oak, maple, etc.). Being aware of
these differences is important in relation to your overall
satisfaction of the finished floor. Fir floors can often
have large gaps/cracks between boards. Because many
fir floors are prone to movement, filler does not hold
well particularly in high traffic areas. Additionally, the
cracks often collect dirt over the years, which further
hinders the filler’s ability to bond. For these reasons
we do not recommend filling old fir floors. Refinished
fir floors often exhibit ‘bruising’ or ‘mottling’ which is
darker, blotchy areas caused by water, sunlight, impact
or a combination of all three. These areas often lighten
with sanding, however with application of finish, they
can be pronounced. The extent of this condition can vary from room to room and from area to area within a room.

Halal Hardwoods uses
quality Glitsa® finishes. We
offer a choice of two finishes,
traditional Swedish finish
and waterborne finish. Both
products provide a highly
durable and low maintenance
Refinishing Services
Refinishing Fir Floors